Asia Bistro Appetizers
Asia Bistro Restaurant
Chinese Cuisine & Sushi Bar


Teriyaki Sticks (Beef (4) or Chicken (4))
Egg Rolls (2)
Vegetarian Spring Rolls (2)
Crab Rangoon (8)
Crispy Chicken Wings
Chicken Fingers
Boneless Honey Ribs
Barbecue Spareribs
Peking Ravioli (Pan Fried or Steamed) (6)
Fried Jumbo Shrimps (6)
Phoenix Soong
Finely minced chicken & shrimp with vegetables. Served with iceberg lettuce.
Steamed Vegetable Dumplings (6)
Scallion Pancake
Pu Pu Platter for 2
Egg Roll (2), Chicken Wings (4), Chicken Fingers (6), Fried Shrimp (2), Crab Rangoon (4), Beef Teriyaki (2) and Boneless Ribs


(a) Egg Roll (1), Chicken Wings (2), Crab Rangoon (2), Beef Teriyaki (2)
(b) Chicken Wings (2), Chicken Fingers (4), Boneless Ribs
(c) Crab Rangoon (4), Chicken Wings (2), Boneless Ribs, Fried Shrimp (2)